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Customer Testimonial

“Fast-paced atmosphere with wonderful people who are eager to help teach younger staff. The benefits are great and you have access to a variety of great resources.”

We are a leading mid-size architectural practice, based in Montreal, specializing in high-end commercial, industrial and retail projects across Canada. In 2019, GKC will enter its 6th decade.
All those years of experience, combined with diligence and vision has earned GKC the respect and loyalty of numerous prestigious national and international clients which has allowed us to create mutually rewarding long term relationships.

We believe in creating enduring relationships internally amongst the GKC family, and externally with our clients. These relationships are based on trust. This is the fundamental value helping us achieve the goals with our clients and resulting in innovative, environmentally friendly, and fiscally responsible projects. Together, we add value by designing inspiring work environments that respond to an ever-changing world and our client’s need for improved spaces.


The practice was founded in 1959 by M. D. Gross, OAQ, RAIC. Morty Gross (R.I.P 2017) graduated from McGill University in 1958 and established his practice along with Allan Spevack, Architect under the name, Spevack & Gross, later becoming M. D. Gross Architects. The firm specialized in industrial projects and grew steadily. Jerry Coviensky (McGill 1980) joined M. D. Gross in 1980 and became a partner in 1985. Richard Kaplin (McGill 1979) started a small practice in 1981 and merged with M. D. Gross in 1986 to form Gross Kaplin Coviensky Architects. In 2014, Gross Kaplin Coviensky welcomed Normand Côté and Fernando Lozano as Partners, and the firm became GKC Architects.

Who we are

Jerry Coviensky, Partner, OAQ, OAA, LEED AP– Over three decades of architectural experience has allowed Jerry Coviensky to build strong relationships with repeat clients as well become a trusted expert in certain niche construction areas such as highly automated industrial facilities, refrigerated buildings and commercial/industrial design. Jerry is committed to his role as an owner’s advocate and consistently demonstrates a keen ability to control the cost and schedule of construction while delivering aesthetic and efficiently designed buildings. As a LEED AP Jerry strives to optimize energy efficiency and sustainable design while maximizing the economic benefits.

Richard Kaplin, Partner, OAQ, OAA – Richard’s primary strength is his ability to manage and coordinate the full gamut of design consultants and building contractors, all with the client’s interests at the forefront. He will constantly re-focus the team on the critical elements of the project. His intimate knowledge of complex engineering systems has earned him the respect of other design professionals as well as contractors. This understanding allows him to intelligently challenge the proposals made by other consultants that are part of the team, all to improve upon the proposed solutions, ensuring the highest possible value for the client. Richard’s business acumen and his innate planning and management abilities complement his passion for sustainable architecture to produce buildings that meet the highest standards for quality of construction, energy efficiency, and user comfort while minimizing costs.

Normand Côté, Partner, OAQ, OAA, LEED AP, graduated in 1985 from Université de Laval. After previous employment with TPL and Larose Petrucci Architects, he joined GKC in 1997, becoming an Associate in 2002, and a Partner in 2014. Normand worked successfully collaborating with clients as well as developers while respecting the constraint of time and budget of each project. He has proven himself able to spear-head the coordination of all aspects of each job from the beginning of the project to its completion with great attention to detail. He works collaboratively with the construction trades on site to find alternate solutions, as required to resolve technical difficulties encountered in the execution of a project. This is accomplished while assuring that the final product respects the intention of the original design. As a LEED Accredited Professional, he has designed and supervised both LEED & sustainable projects.

Fernando Lozano, Partner, OAQ, OAA, LEED AP – Fernando joined GKC immediately upon graduation from Ryerson University in 2003. He became an Associate in 2011 and a Partner in 2014. During the first decade of work at GKC, Fernando successfully developed existing and new client relationships while demonstrating agility and versatility in his completion of various projects ranging from car dealerships, industrial manufacturing and assembly facilities, to commercial life-style centers, medical buildings, an ISO 7 (10000 class) space satellite assembly facility, and a Tier 2 Data Center. His ability to synthesize the vast and different types of information required to complete a successful project is one of his many strengths. As a LEED Accredited Professional, Fernando has designed and reviewed LEED and sustainably-designed projects in addition to assembling the required documentation required for the CaGBC review. Now mid-way thru his second decade of work at GKC, Fernando is now expanding his knowledge, expertise and experience with large automated distribution centers.

Ron Keays, Associate, OAQ, LEED AP, Ron joined GKC in 1986 as a design architect, becoming an Associate in 1992. He has been involved over the years in some of the most prestigious projects in the GKC portfolio. Ron’s involvement in these projects has ranged from lead design architect to full project leader. He has developed close working relationships with individual owners and clients who were looking to create a specific corporate image through their new building’s architecture. Over the years, he has gained wide experience and developed skills in multi-disciplinary team management at the conception level, the budget and tender process, document coordination and at construction site reviews with contractors, sub-trades and other professionals.