Informal meeting space at Deloitte Smart Warehouse in Montreal
Comptoir bar travail à l'Usine intelligente Deloitte
Lobby area
Conference room
Salle de conférence Usine intelligente Deloitte
Espace de rencontre et d'accueil
Vitrine technologique - Usine intelligente Deloitte

Deloitte Smart Warehouse

Location: Saint-Laurent, QC
Area: 54,875 sq.ft.
Completion: 2023


As part of its commitment to helping Canadian companies optimize their logistics and manufacturing activities, Deloitte created a space to showcase various cutting-edge technologies. This led the company to call on the services of GKC, who helped deliver the new Deloitte Intelligent Factory in just five months.


Functionality and aesthetics

The Deloitte Smart Factory is an example of industrial and commercial architecture that combines functionality, flexibility and aesthetics. With its contemporary design and elements inspired by the aeronautics industry, Deloitte’s Smart Warehouse delights employees and clients with an innovative and attractive showcase environment.



In addition to the warehouse space that showcases various automated systems, the Intelligent Factory houses reception areas and multifunctional workspaces. The layout designed by GKC fully meets the client’s objectives: It provides Deloitte employees and guests with a flexible, attractive environment that showcases industrial innovation and enhances interactions.


Expertise and support

With its longstanding experience designing industrial buildings of all types and scales, GKC was perfectly equipped to support Deloitte in realizing this unique project. The project team’s ingenuity and creativity enabled it to overcome the challenges encountered – from fast-tracking the project to discovering pyrite during construction and phased reconstruction of the slab – without delaying the schedule and while meeting the established objectives.



Deloitte’s Smart Warehouse features high ceilings, an overhang above the lounge bar in the shape of an aircraft turbine, and an office opening reminiscent of an airplane window, all inspired by airport hangars. This direct reference to the aeronautical industry is significant when considering the growth aspirations of companies preparing to automate their distribution and manufacturing activities.

Materials and finishes were carefully selected to lend a corporate feel to the space. Wood and concrete were chosen for their noble and durable qualities while blending harmoniously with the dynamism and functional pragmatism of the aeronautical theme.



The layout was designed to maximize the flexibility and modularity of the space. The layout encourages collaboration between different departments and teams by offering different areas that can be opened to each other. It also allows for organizing private meetings in small groups and larger-scale receptions. For example, the 12-seat main meeting room features retractable doors, allowing up to 50 people to gather. At the other end of the spectrum, smaller open booths can accommodate between 2 and 4 people, while private areas were also created for more confidential meetings and exchanges.

In keeping with this desire to create the right ambience, particular attention was paid to the lighting. While industrial-style fixtures bathe the entire space with light, the workspaces have individual, adjustable lighting. A third level of lighting has also been incorporated, in some cases built right into the furniture, to create a more subdued or festive atmosphere for corporate events.