LocationBrossard, QC

The building was designed with the functions of the production center as the main guidelines. The production center houses the manufacturing of HVAC & R and electrical systems controls, the same controls which make this building a leading-technology building in terms of HVAC and electrical systems.

What GKC Architects liked about this synergistic approach to architecture, HVAC, lighting, and shades was the way in which it allowed for a truly seamless system. From the start, we saw a huge advantage to having just one control point for building occupants, so as to unify their systems. We understood that, beyond maximizing occupant comfort, this synergy would also minimize the potential for human error. In situations such as an employee forgetting to turn off a light overnight or the AC throughout the weekend, the automated presence detection and schedules will kick in to ensure optimized energy efficiency.

In developing the headquarters, we therefore knew that the capital cost involved when integrating the Smart Room Control solution would ultimately lower operating costs for Distech Controls. In other words, we were confident that the significant energy savings made possible by this innovative product would directly translate to financial savings.