Walmart Surrey, main facade
Walmart Surrey Distribution Centre, main entrance

Walmart Surrey Distribution Centre

Location: Surrey, BC
Area: 300,000 sq. ft.
Completion: 2023

This 300,000 square-foot perishables distribution centre in Surrey, British Columbia, not only caters to functional requisites but also offers an appealing environment for employees and the local community.


Technical Efficiency

A highly complex project, the facility integrates ambient, warm produce, cooler and freezer chambers. The building was built around a fully automated sorting system consisting of 20-meter-high rolling cranes, tray conveyors, and pallet conveyors.


Special consideration was given to the bracing design of the steel structure to address local seismic codes without interfering with the flow of materials. Unique alternate solutions were also required to handle special fire protection and exiting requirements.



To maximize the capacity and efficiency of the operations, an interior clear height of 22 meters was provided. By building the facility vertically, only about half of the land mass that would typically be required for a facility of this kind was used, thereby reducing its overall carbon footprint. CO2 is used as an environmentally friendly refrigerant to relieve any safety concerns and for its high-efficiency characteristics.


In keeping with Walmart’s sustainability goals, chargers were also installed to accommodate electric trucks. Bioswales and infiltration galleries are provided to reduce storm outflow onto the municipal infrastructure.


Façade design

Outside, the building was designed by leveraging insulated metal panels in an array of warm tones, thoughtfully chosen to harmonize with the nearby natural wooded landscape.


The integration of textured panels at the lower section of the building aimed to create an engaging interplay with sunlight, infusing the facades with liveliness at a human level and heightened visual interest. Drain downspouts around the building have been incorporated to animate the wall treatments.


Urban integration

An elegant architectural screen was installed along the street facades, shielding the loading docks and trucking yard and creating a pleasant environment within the industrial park. All equipment is roof-mounted and set back from the facades to minimize noise and visible impact from the street.


Extensive landscaping was planted along the street façade. A public space was laid out at the corner of the site, with public benches and tables allowing employees and passers-by to take a pleasant break within the industrial park.